Unit Soldiers Commander
Fireteam 4 NCO
Squad/Section 8–13 Squad Leader
Platoon 26–55 Platoon Leader
Company 80–225 Captain/Major
Battalion 300–1,300 (Lieutenant) Colonel
Regiment/Brigade 3,000–5,000 (Lieutenant) Colonel/
Brigadier (General)
Division 10,000–15,000 Major General
Corps 20,000–45,000 Lieutenant General
Field army 80,000–200,000 General
Army group 400,000–1,000,000 Field Marshal
Army Region 1,000,000–3,000,000 Field Marshal
Army theater 3,000,000–10,000,000

You planning to invade someone Joe?

makes u laugh the army’s current displacement is 110k :smiley:


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Joe, I hate to be a pedant but…

A fire team (or fire section) can be 4-6, dependant on role. For instance a JNCO IC, plus 3 x rifleman, plus 1 x heavy wpn (machine gunner), plus 1 x sharp-shooter / specialist is more likely these days. Four man ‘bricks’ were more common in Northern Ireland, three ‘bricks’ making a section and three sections making a Platoon.

A Company may also be called a Squadron (aircraft, tanks, signals etc all have Sqns).

A Battalion and a Regiment are one and the same, its just one is infantry / teeth arm based, the other support arms.

And we do still qualify as an ‘Army’…just!

I’ll shut up now Wink

let’s just hope you don’t have to start working for the ffff french under this new government idea of combined forces. or have i got the wrong end of the stick in my interpretation of that idea?

That will be the day I resign! Oh and the one where we decide were going into Iran!

Who’s idea was it to build that bloody tunnel?!

Can we go to war with Barbados next? At least the beach assualt will be fun!

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