Thank you for the drive to Old Sarum.

 Many thanks for the drive today to Old Sarum via the lovely country roads of Wiltshire, I especially loved the roundabout, may we always have sunshine.Clapping hands in the air

I agree, it was a great drive. Good route, interesting stops and of course fantastic weather.  Cool

Thanks for the loan of the picnic rug Howie. Smile

 Since Bob and Yvonne obviously have a direct “weather forecasting” line in to the “Almighty” - as they say - I vote that they should organise ALL future runs!{#emotions_dlg.wink}

Lovely day out, thank you - made even better by a swift shandy next to the canal on the way home (and ignoring the p*****k in the Citroen who parked so close to me in the pub car park that my dear wife had to climb in from her side and over the centre console to get the car out {#emotions_dlg.angry} )