Thank you from Dent Wizard

Afternoon all,

my names Mike and I was the dent man that was at this years spring rally this weekend. Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that came along and showed interest in what I was doing and to all the happy (hopefully) customers! My self and my partner Becca met some great people from the club and we were inundated with people wanting stuff fixing I literrly didn’t stop all day! some personal highlights were fixing the show winners light blue mk1 I think, chap from Belfast, which was beyond clean! also a gents yellow mk1 Amazon I think.!? Who had three panels fixed which was also immaculate! 

Pics to follow…

Over all we had a great day and really enjoyed it. Thanks again ??

any comments good or different welcome., 

Thanks to you for sorting out the dent in my Arctic which I had only spotted that morning, and the one I hadn’t even noticed in the door.



That’s the problem with good body work guys, the have eyes in the back of their heads and always find things mere mortal drivers never see.

Thank’s for looking at mine also Mike.


Your very welcome thanks 

Hi Mike,  I have used your colleague Andy for a few years now, at his last visit in early March I said to him that the rally was taking place and could Dent Wizard attend.

Many thanks for helping fix so many cars on the day and making the event successful.

Please pass on my wishes to Andy.