Hi all
Just received this email from Major Crowther of the Army Cadets, as you can see he seems pretty pleased.
Bill Medlow
Chief Marshall
We managed to raise the following:
Fee = £50
530 Raffle tickets = £530 
Other Donations = £179.78
Total = £759.78 
We have easily covered the costs of fuel and have raised a vast amount towards the trip.
I am absolutely gobsmacked with the generosity of everyone at the event.  
I was expecting about 2 or 3 hundred and am bowled over.  
Many thanks for inviting us to assist at the event as it was not only financially worthwhile it introduced each of us to a world that we were totally ignorant of.  

Well done on the money raised. They did a great job organising everyone at the event.

Congrats again.




Good to hear.

The cadets did a fantastic job and all of the ones I came into contact with were phenomenally polite and friendly (it really stood out to me how polite they were), especially since it was 9AM on a Sunday morning!

Yep we noticed how well organised they were, and organised us pretty well too. And everything done with a smile.

Well doneSmile

Well done Army cadets. My son used to do this as part of the Air cadets at the bigger race meetings at Castle Combe. Good experience for the kids and a great job done at Sandringham

The cadets I met were very polite and appeared to be enjoying the day.  I’m glad they had a good result for their work.

What a great team they were. Got on with the job and a credit to their uniform.

And they beat Bill to the Mars Bars stash in his Marshall’s Van!!!

Good result this, I’d heard they did a great job so glad it was worthwhile for them being there. I take it a similar approach will be taken for the next Rally?