Thank You to organisers of Spring Rally

 This is to thank all the organisers of the Scotland Spring Rally, what a really enjoyable time was had, never an easy task to please everyone but we all enjoyed from the many members from the South East that came many miles to enjoy. The typical Scottish theme at the rally dinner was great and dancing was such a laugh especially when we went wrong, It was time to meet friends not seen for a while and catch up, the food and company excellent, the Scottish music band were most enjoyable and made a change to do something typically Scottish well done everyone involved in making this a great rally. The rally itself gave lots of entertainment with the lollipop radio which kept up the momentum of the day not forgetting the fantastic sunshine and warm weather that came out to make all the cars gleaming in the rays of sun.

We arrived in Scotland on Monday 13th May and had a fantastic week seeing the sites and beautiful countryside, we stayed at Tummel Bridge so probably had one of the best MX-5 roads to drive down daily as you can get. Thanks to Rob, Louise and Keith & Sue for sharing a lovely wooden lodge in a very picturesque part of the UK. We could not believe the weather having four seasons in one day, but most of the time warm and sunny and top down weather all week.

Thanks to all the South East members that came up for the rally, we finally finished with a total of 1529 miles for the weeks driving, and managed to do the whole journey back home in one hit on Monday so trying to recover from the 12 hours in the car, but drove top down all the way home so a fitting end to a splendid week. Back to work Wednesday after recovery time.

Thank you Scotland for doing the Spring Rally  in typical Scottish style, really well done,  looking forward to the National Rally in September for more fun and meeting up with old friends.


Sarah (Mazda Chick) & Martyn (Navman)Thumbs upBig Smile


 Hello Sarah and Martyn, very glad that you both enjoyed yourselves during your stay in “Bonnie Scotland” and at the weekend at the rally in Pitlochry. The rally team put in a lot of time and effort since i proposed it at the AGM !!.

    The band was made up of 2 sons and 2 nephews of one of the Tayside members and as you say they went down very well, what with Scott’s instructions all enjoyed even if some “Sassenachs” made mistakes !! but then that was part of the fun too.

The meal was lovely and served quickly by able staff and was most enjoyable.

Rally site was provided free by Perth and Kinross Council who were most helpfull.

The help from Tayside members and from the volunteer marshall’s made the rally day on Sunday so good and when the sun came out that was the icing on the proverbial cake !

Made more new friends and met lots of old ones too,all had a fab time.

My mates from the Goldwing Misfits were well recieved too and both my wife and I enjoyed a run around the park on one too.

The reason for it’s success was not down to one person, I proposed it ! but it was with the backing and help from my fellow Tayside members that made it happen.

There was some help assisstance and guidance from Iain Fleming who kept things right (sometimes) and his input/knowledge in securing national traders to come so far north was appreciated by all, least not by the traders themselves !

Did I enjoy doing it !! no not really !! would I do it again ? no way !! BUT seeing all the happy faces who did come to Pitlochry made all the time and effort to make sure this was a success more than makes up for all the time spent doing it.

Lastly i must thank my long suffering wife Jen for all her understanding in allowing and helping to scratch this itch to bring it north since i became a member in 1994 after we both attended the first rally at the Land Rover,Sollihull social club.

Now it’s done and dusted we are of to Spain in our motorhome to relax in the sun,have a few drinks,maybe more than a few lol !! then it will be time to get back out in the mx on our club runs.