Thank you.

All at Mazda on Track you like to thank everybody that make the track activities so enjoyable at the National rally. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Unfortunately we do have to report that some light fingered person or persons helped themselves to around 10 MoT tee shirts and also 2 of our motorsports shirts. As there are only 5 of these in existance and were ordered especially for the rally if who ever has them decided to wear them it will be rather obvious. It would be very nice if they got posted back to us at our office address. [:)]

 I for one hope you get them back Nick.  I thought ‘the club’ was an honest club with like minded people all out to enjoy one thing…their cars…stealing was the last thing I expected to hear [:(]

not guilty, must have been an “outsider”. mind you i wouldnt mind one for the exclusivity…[:D]

 The dirty stinkin rotten filthy …Well you know the rest.

I hope they get returned Nick.


I really hope that the person/s involved use this forum for the sake of MoT and read this thread and do the right thing by posting the ‘T Shirts’ back.  I’d hate to think that we have thieves amongst us who feel no remorse steeling from fellow enthusiasts, so come on and do the right thing and return the ‘T Shirts’.<o:p></o:p>