Thank you

Thank you to everyone who was involved in another impressive rally

much appreciated  

Mark & Emma

I’ll add my thanks here too rather than start loads of new threads!

Great event, especially liked the knights chasing the black ND around the jousting arena

My thanks too, weather very kind too

Another thanks here, nicely put together day, lots going on and sublime weather.

Cheers all who helped put it together

Dominic (crutches boy) and Bridget

 Likewise - a very big thank you - to everyone involved with the event. terrific occasion !!!

First event I’ve ever been to of any car meeting - just had to find out having bought an mx5 mk2 -

going home on the motorway every mx5 flashed - waved etc -  what a day to see so many happy people too. Will join the club now.

Awesome when so many turn out and shine with the weather !!



Would just like to say we loved this event one of the best weekends out in our wee car,made some new friends and was great to see a few old friends too, just seemed to be something for everyone, great job and keep up the good work can’t wait till next time

As above , brilliant day ,the wife enjoyed it too!

A truly well organised event

A truly well organised event, thanks to all involved

This was my second member event following this year’s spring rally.  Both well organised and looking forward to the next!  Thanks y’all!

Thank you to all involved, it was another well organised rally.

Fantastic day (you even managed to sort the weather out too)