Thanks from North Thames

On behalf of the North Thames members who travelled up to the Spring Rally I would like to congratulate Mick and Amanda and their team for the excellent venue and superb organisation of the Spring Rally.  The North Thames team had a great time. We are particularly pleased that Alan and Olivia won third prize in the Cool 5’s with a spontaneous entry. 

Terrific job guys.  Well done.

And our thanks back to you for making the effort to come and spend your hard earned cash…

An event is nothing without without those who come to support it… so thanks again

we look forward to meeting you all again and spending more than a brief hello… as you can imagine time was limited so if it felt like I brushed anyone off on route to sort something out … a great big sorry!!!  

 I would like echo Eric’s comments, what a great time and venue.

Thanks also to those who stood in on the merchandise stall so that myself and my partner Dee could go for a wander around. I even managed to resist the SS exhaust in the MX5 parts tent (I have no idea how I did though).

See you all at the 15/20 National Rally.