Just like to give out some public thank you 's

To Liz Vinge for the lift up to Croperdy (100 mile round trip) in ‘Jared’ to collect my wifes new minibus. I hope you enjoyed the A361 on the way up as much as I did, Sorry that it took so long to get home but a Citroen minibus does not go around corners like a 5.

To Neil & Steve for agreeing to let me go out for a drive in their track car at the end of February.

To Dave Young for the help he is giving me to plan a run to Burton on the Water (more on this soon).

I think that one of the best thinks about this club is the great people that you meet through it and I for one am pround to be a member.




 I totaly agree with the last comment.

 Love this, fellow owners helping each other, hats off to you all.Thumbs upCoolBig Smile


Just what this club is all about, brilliantGood Job

Hi John

This is what makes this club Great. 

Looking forward to Castle Combe on the 25th, only problem you’ll be hooked, and will want to do moreBig Smile.



Looking forward to getting hooked, I may have to get some tyres for my spare rims and track mine next. BTW how much top end speed will I use at Combe is it worth removing the 180kmh limiter from my Eunos?


Along Avonrise, around the 100mph mark.

glad to have been able to help and it gives Jared the chance to have a proper run Big Smile

Have to agree that this is a friendly club and i am also proud to be  member Big Smile


Especially the stick you get from SteveWhistling

lol you are both as bad as each other, cant blame Steve for everything Dancing

 Thank you Liz, you nearly leapt to my defence there … nearly.