Thankyou for a great day

Thankyou so much to all involved in organising & running today’s Gaydon National rally, creating an amazing day out for us OC members

Thanks to the stall holders for all their efforts & giving us something to buy

Fuzz & Robbie a great pairing of experience & knowledge with no ego 

The museum is amazing, the Welsh lady at the Pembrokeshire garage was very interesting

10 out 10


Mark & Em

Totaly agree with all your comments, we certainly had a great day.

Cracking day out and the organisers did the OC proud. 

Thanks to all for organising. Good day.

A big Thank You to everyone who helped to put together the National Rally.

It was an excellent day out, with well arranged weather in a brilliant location.

Arriving at about 10.30 we found the organisation was excellent and coped well with the influx, a queue is to be expected with so many cars passing through the bottleneck of the entrance gate; but this allowed the Marshalls to sort the cars into their respective zones efficiently, and as a Reserve for the Special Editions we were directed to a superb viewpoint over the whole event with a select band of others including one of the Le Mans BBR NAs that had driven up from Brighton.

I was impressed by the number of stands and things going on, it felt busy, and was well worth while driving up from London for the day.

I was even more impressed by the quality of the high gloss diamond-like Shine on many of the cars there as well as in the competitions.  How?  I’ve had a small go at tidying up my car (now approaching its tenth birthday) such that the uninitiated think it is a new car, but compared with the gleaming examples I saw today it looks positively dowdy and scruffy.  My unreserved deepest Respect goes to those who can Shine.

I don’t see how Goodwood will match up to this, but I’m hoping to find out if it can.

My car’s view of proceedings

MX5 National Rally at Gaydon 2017

And a view across from the Jaguar Exhibition centre

MX5 National Rally at Gaydon 2017

And our select band of Reservists

MX5 National Rally at Gaydon 2017


Can I say a great thank you to the team for putting on such a great event this year, so many people had so much fun was great to listen to what people were saying about it all. All good stuff.

Can I also thank the BOSS our Chairman Roger for 6 great years looking after all of us, it will be a big act to follow whoever he/she may be.

All the best to every one and I hope you all have a lot more top down driving before winter sets in.