The Album Title Appreciation/Continuation Thread

Simple little thread this… Just take one word from the immediate previous album title, and add to include it in your post… album title. (Singular and plurals are fine, as are, for example extensions to any given word, i.e “Mean” can be “Meaning” etc etc) - If you really get stuck, link words are acceptable to keep thread going… :slight_smile:

A Day At The Races - Queen

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A Hard Days Night - The Beatles

(Was going to go for American Idiot by Green Day, but that was not strictly allowed?)

(Correct - Has to be the album title and not the name of the band!)

A Night At The Opera - Queen

Only by the Night - Kings of Leon

Night time, My time - Sky Ferreira

Another time, another place…Bryan Ferry

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A place for us to dream - Placebo

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The Dreaming - Kate Bush

Maybe I’m Dreaming - Owl City (you don’t make it easy!!!)

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Definitely Maybe - Oasis

We are Definitely Not Going to Hell - Double Gee

“The Road to Hell” - Chris Rea

The Fine Art Of Surfacing - The Boomtown Rats

“The” as the link word? Oh come on! You can do better than that!


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

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Love it! :+1:

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“Yellow Submarine” - The Beatles

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“Yellow Magic Orchestra” – Yellow Magic Orchestra

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Moods - Bob Marley & The Wailers

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