The Buccaneer5 welcome you to The Spring Rally

The infamous Buccaneer5 have all volunteered to be marshals on Sunday and will be directing all you folk to the right place.

We all look forward to seeing hundreds of you on the day.

And why are we the Buccaneer5…Coz we arrrgghhhhhBig Smile

 We arrrgghhhhh indeed Cap’n!! And dont forget to bring your pieces of eight to spend at the Autojumble !!!

Have a great weekend me hearties, sorry we can’t be with you personally but there will be some MXicanS amongst you…look for the sombreros! I’m sure we’ll catch up with you at Beaulieu. x 

You’ll be missed me old matey Wink

Dear Buccaneer5
Thank you so much for all your hard work that made today a great day
Close shave with the weather but you even had the power to keep it off for 99.9% of the day Thumbs up

Always great to catch up with past acquaintances and make new ones and generally chat with likeminded people from other regions - or even other forums

Diolch yn Fawr, Buccs! Rose
[photos to follow]



Looked out for some Mark but didnt see any, but i was on front gate so their hats were prob in the boot at that point !