The Community Server Forum FAQ section, please add your answers here !

As it appears that using this CS software is all a bit alien we need a decent FAQ list to help us all.   We have all learnt loads over the last few days, from changing thread views, to stopping all the emails!

The answers to all these Qs are now spread all over the forum so please lets bring them all together,  add anything you have discovered in this thread and we will try to make it into a comprehensive FAQ.

Now I believe that CS should actually have a proper help page but its nowhere to be found yet !

Spell Checker - appears on I.E. if you want it (doesn’t appear on Firefox).
“Edit” posts - not available for all sections (not sure why!).
It would appear that the “Search” is not now whizzing you off to the “staging” forum (please confirm).

Can’t think of any more tips or fixes!

Spellchecker; yeah, some browsers support it some don’t, annoying.>!

Edit; probably just because as we have added sections permissions are not set consistently as we have done them, just needs tidy up,

Seach; yes, error corrected for all those links on home page front page I believe,

more stuff to follow shortly…