The MX5 Restorers coverage of the spring rally

Hi Folks,


Some of you may already be aware of our Youtube channel “Lights up, Lights down” if not it is well worth you checking it out as it is full of MX5 content, with lots more planned, you can find it via the following link, please do subscribe because it really helps us out.

But that wasn’t my main reason for putting this post up, it was to show the video we made of the day, it covers most of the world record attempt along with some other great things, so well worth a look





I would just like to say thank you to your colleague or you if you were not filiming, for answering the many questions that I asked about restoring the cars and also for the honesty of his answers, while on your stand at the rally.

Thank you so much for that cracking video, it brings the day and memories back to life.

And a pretty good motion shot of my car.



P.S. two good motion shots of my car…happy days!


Spotted you Dave

I was there with a lot of Tyne tees section . Had an amazing day I was caught on vid around 41to 43 mins I was in galaxy grey mk3 who gave him a wave was amazing ???

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments, I’m glad you have been watching and enjoying the video, we will be doing lots more things like this, so please do subscribe to the channel and perhaps watch some of the other content on there, most of it is MX5 related.