The New MX-5 ND, Mark 4 speculation thread, post it all here...


Another artists impression;


A bit BMW like in this interpretation to my eyes…

ND impression from Motor Trend

 I bet those fairings behind the seats don’t make it into production. Fantasic if they do though !!

Looks nothing like a MX5, except for the absence of a roof. No continuity of styling, whatsoever.


 If thats the way Mazda are going i think they are loosing the plot and their individualism. it looks like the love child of a BMW Z4 and a Nissan 370Z. Think i will be sticking with my old Mk 1 for a while yet.

Spoke to my local dealer today.  He confirmed to me that the Mk 4 will be here in time for next Summer.

Am looking forwards to the Preview Days…

they just moving with the times…

Which, if any, of those images are from Mazda?

I know that Autocar often entirely fabricate styling images of new cars based on nothing concrete, and certainly not information from the people who will actually make it. I assume other motoring “news” sources do the same.

If these are just artists impressions of what a new MX5 might look like then they are pretty much valueless. Except the first one, which is a fairly accurate gauge of how influencial the styling of the Z4 has been to journalists.

 I’ve been looking at the new MX5 in Autoexpress - it looks awfull. The photo is off an artists impression based on a patent pending for an mx5 front nose.

Just hope they got it wrong - although they are normally pretty close with pre release impressions of cars.


I had a look today and in the mag I could find a Nissan version of an MX5 and a Mazda CX5, are you certain you were looking at a Mazda MX5?


From the patent (I will try and turn up the original document):

Unofficial, unofficial render

Ah sorry did not see that. Its not too bad, change the grill opening to be like the MK1 and I think it could be ok. It makes the car look a bit lighter than the current model which tends to look a bit too heavy due to its front end styling (IMHO). It makes it look a bit lower at the front so good in that respect. The important questions are has it become lighter and does it feature smaller capcity but turbocharged and reasonable output engines. Getting back to @ MKI weight with a modern 1.4Ltr engine would get you about 150BHP and even better 0-60 than the 2Ltr plus lower emissions. 

Interesting new seatbelt arrangement


Another angle

“Dame Edna” lights… no like…


Sadly the engine front does not sound too encouraging either 

The new roadster will reportedly utilise a 1.5 litre SkyActiv-G petrol engine in the Japanese market, producing around 95kW, while the US market will get a 110kW 2.0 litre version of the SkyActiv-G engine.

If the weight is back down to MKI levels then that is : 127 to 147 BHP then it could be good but I have to say I was hoping for small light engines after all FIAT are easilt getting 170PS from 1.4. My fear is bigger heavy engine, heavier car etc. Lets see what the final lights come out like. We know of the tear drop. I was hoping it would be more a triangular shape for the indicators but  Iguess that is like MKII mondeo lights.


I prefer it to the Mk2 or Mk3.  The example is a bit low for British roads though!