THE NURBURGRING 2010 - The Legendary MX-5 run returns, May 28-31st with MoT

Yes, Mazda on Track are delighted to announce the return of the definiative road trip for 2010 - A fully inclusive road trip to the worlds greatest motor racing circuit in the Eifel Mountains in Germany, the Nurburgring where you will have the chance to drive the circuit, sight see the old historic towns and castles, and immerse yourself in petrol head nirvana. You can come in any car you like, but we expect the vast majority to be Mazdas!
Last year saw over 20 cars from the UK come, plus over 100 from Europe. This year the same invititation has been sent out, and we are hoping to co-ordinate an even bigger event!

What is the Nurburgring and why should you want to go with Mazda on Track?
The Nurburgring is one of the oldest, longest and probably most famous race tracks in the world. Set in the stunning Eifel mountains, it is more like a road than a track. This point is made even more interesting in that when it’s not being used for racing or prototype testing, it is a one way, derestricted public toll road. The track is 14 miles long, has 140 corners, and takes around 9-11 minutes to complete one lap. On that lap it is not uncommon to have eagles fly above your car, see some of the world most exotic race machinery and to experience some of the most extraordinary corners ever seen on a circuit.
The surrounding region is equally breath taking, miles and miles of old historic towns linked together by fabulous well kept empty tarmac. There is plenty of sight seeing to be done, and just walking around the track is a day’s work in itself!
The food is great value and high quality and the beer is of course arguably the best in the world.
All of this brings a great UK community of people together, and several UK drivers make several pilgrimages out there each year, our members of staff included. This is an amazing place, and definitely something you have to experience.
Mazda on Track staff have a combined experience of just under 1000 laps between the three of them, Al Clark who has completed over 430, Nick Dougill who has done over 250 and Jim Cameron who has completed over 300 laps. Needles to say, you’re in good hands with our team!
Common Questions:
Included in the basic price of the run are:
[]Your ferry booking both ways.
]Convoy teams ensuring you all get there including spares support for Mazdas!
[]Three nights in a clean and comfortable, English speaking hotel located 2 minutes from the Nurburgring entrance, and including a proper German breakfast!
]A huge introductory feast so you can relax with your fellow runners and meet new people.
[]A detailed run pack featuring route cards, guides to the local historic sights and great roads and even the best viewing points.
]A chance to meet the European MX-5 owners who have been specially invited to join the run!
[]An informal safety talk at the meal for those who want to know how to get the most out of the circuit.
]Local area information including the local Mazda dealership in Adenau, Cafes, Take-aways, Garages and race schools.
[]Basic mechanical support.
]A one day organised (but optional) road convoy tour for those who want to experience the local historic towns and see some of the greatest driving roads in Europe.
[]Mazda on Track staff available on hand to help with local knowledge.
Not Included in the price:
]Lap tickets or fuel. Single lap tickets start from €22, but decrease if bought in multiple amounts.
]Insurance (You require European E111 form as a minimum and we recommend buying Health and Travel insurance).
[]Helmets for passenger laps.
]Meals other than daily breakfast and the Introductory meal.
[]Recovery or Break down services. Basic mechanical support will be available however.
]Break down vests, spare bulbs, and warning triangles.

How much will it cost me on top of the run?
Eating out cheap is easy, giant 30" pizzas are only a few Euro’s and chinese takewaways are gigantic and cost under €10. Beer is around €2.00 for 1/2 litre, and plenty of restaurants are easily within a five minute walk from the hotel.
Petrol will be your main expense, probably, - petrol is priced pretty similarly to the UK but the trick is to fill up 5 minutes down the hill in Adenau where it’s cheaper. MoT staff are regulars and season ticket holders to the track, and estimate you will do around 10-15 laps per tank of fuel. Remember, 2 laps is 20 minutes of hard driving!
Laps depend entirely on how many you want to do. A single ticket is €22, but this reduces in price if you buy multi-lap tickets (5/10/25 etc). Laps you don’t use do not expire until the end of the year, and can often be sold on for close to face value if you are not able to return.
Is there any tuition?
Whilst Mazda on Track cannot legally offer any tuition on the Nurburgring, we are able to arrange an extremely informative track walk with an approved English speaking Nurburgring Instruction school called RSR who will take you via mini-bus to some of the most important and famous corners and teach you how to get round in one piece! We will also be holding a full and mandatory safety briefing for all drivers on the trip once we arrive to make sure you know what to do, where to do it, and how to get home in one piece! We will also provide free of charge as many passenger laps as we can take you round on your first laps to give you an idea of what to expect when you’re out there.

As Nurburgring GMBH have frozen the prices, and although hotels and ferries are a little more expensive - we have decided to freeze our prices too for 2010 as we feel it is the right price for the trip.
Who has confirmed booked?
Places are limited to 20 cars, so be sure to book early!
[]Paul Thomas + Passenger (Mazda MX5)
]Nigel Garrett + Passenger (Mazda MX5)
[*]Daniel Allen + Passenger (Mazda MX5)

 Best trip Ive had in a long time Im certain to make a return.

Any Ideas if you are doing just this one or maybe a trip latter in the year as well.


3 events on that weekend anyone know how I can clone myself and do all 3



 Love the idea of this, and from the look of the photos here my car went last year with a previous owner, so I’ll be asking the boss for permission to go!!



 Hoping to be there a month or so later with the 5, but may catch you all that weekend anyway as I’ll be visiting the 'ring on my bike!

 Count me in…Birthday treat again.


Ill be in the right car this year aswell…


 15 booked in now…dont leave it to late

Or you will miss a great weekend

roads like this

The cars like this

and the track like this

go on you wont regret it.


 By talking very nicely to our German friends, we have secured an other 20 bed spaces, or 10 cars worth. If you want to come, and it is an epic trip, don’t leave it too late.

 Getting close to the date now, was thinking of doing this trip but have had other concerns recently and thought i had missed it. When i logged in this m. found that i can still do it. Would prefer to have co-driver for sharing driving but dates/money/other problems prevent my guests from attending so does any one want to go?. Will either pick you up at Dover terminal or Herne Bay railway station.

 Many drove themselves last year.


Theres plenty of stoping,so you wont be doing it all in one big stint.

Trust me you wont regret it.


If you really do want a co driver you might be best asking in another section off the forum as Many dont look into “motorsport”



 thanks for tip alan

 Getting ready for the off

Be gone in a few hours


let you all know how we got on