The Rally Entry Photographer

Fifteen quid for a digital photograph!!
Are they having a laugh??

I think they are, however they must be making a shed load of money as the queues in the event were long, just went through and our car was not photographed anyway.

Yeah I bought a key ring for £7.50 with a paper ( not photo paper) printed photo cut and stuck inside it, waste of money, would have asked for refund if it didn’t mean holding the massive cue up.

Got mine at the show £12 mounted Great pic, even had the headlights on, (we were in early doors, working)

I bought mine through the website, £17 for an 8 x 10 print and an extra £5 for the digital image and am really pleased with it. Its now framed and on the wall. I did notice that some of the photos of the cars coming in on the left lane were not as good as the right hand where I was.

I mainly bought it as I had my young daughter with me. She was blown away by the event and you can see it by the look on her face as we drove in. Yes it is a bit pricey but how often do you get a chance to get a photo of you driving your own car?

On another note, I’d like to know why the guy in the blue mk3 next to me was entering possibly the biggest show of 5s in the world with his roof up!! [:-]

Wonderful service

I ordered a paper print and a digital copy. I was expecting the digital copy to be emailed to me but have received nothing yet. Has anyone else received their digital photo?


Hi Kam,

I received file as email attachment just a few days after sending order, with print in the post a few days after that.  Good service and polite people.

Contact them on (Fliss)

Cheers, Tim

Thanks Tim

I’ll wait a little longer. I had expected the email attachment to be pretty much instant but maybe I’m being impatient.



I got my digital image the following day and the print a couple of days later. Maybe you should email them.