The Road to Kelmarsh (video)

A 5min video of the last part of our journey on the A508, turning down the lane by Kelmarsh Hall, and across the tracks to park up on the Rally field amidst a sea of MX5s.

You’ll see some of the first fleet of Mk4 test cars heading away from Kelmarsh as we approach (around 10.45am), and hear some of the very polite yet authoritative marshals doing a splendid job of organising us on arrival   

… and yes it was me that was put back in line    


Link below, best in HD, hope you enjoy…

YEH! I can see my Mk3.5 with HT which would make 2 cars to it’s left, in the same row as the Mk2 which in front of you…never been in a film before!