The Stormont Castle Reception, Saturday Evening..

Wow, what a fantastic event.  An amazing venue, amazing food and great entertainment.  I am now a fan of nettle soup! 

All credit to the NI Rally team as this was unbeatable and having driven around Ireland all week with a suit, shirt, tie, shiny shoes plus the wife’s dress etc, in the boot of the 5 it was certainly worth the effort. 

A huge thanks to Steve, Norman and the team for giving us that unique opportunity.

Just got back, i agree with everything Martin has said, we had a fantastic time from the welcome BBQ, the rally, Stormont was wonderfull a great evening, and onto the run to the causeway and the rope bridge.

This is going to be a hard act to follow, what a great 3-day event.

I would like to thank Steven, Norman and all the commitee member’s for making us so welcome.



Wow indeed…a first for most of us locals to. I have been gathering nettles to try to make some soup…typing this with bandaged fingers…ouch

Your admission about your wife’s dress has worried me slightly…hope you asked her first.


Cheers Allan

We assumed you guys popped up there for lunch every weekend… Wink

We’ve been thinking of ways to top that at a mainland Club Rally and short of dinner at Buckingham Palace we can’t come up with anything… 




 Hi Everyone

Big Big thanks to Norman, Steven and team, we had a really fantastic time our first visit to Ireland and what a welcome, from BBQ / Rally/ Stormont and Southern excursion the people / food and company and scenery was first class, we will be back to Ireland. Well done to everyone for making a really special and enjoyable rally, and for all the hard work you put in for everyone, not an easy task. We are doing next years spring rally and I am afraid we will not have Stormont but hope that you will all come along and enjoy.


Sarah (Mazda Chick) and Martyn (Navman)