The Three Zero Seven otherwise known as The 307

Hello NWM
That’s me in the red hat delivering essential items for my mother in law on mothering Sunday. Wasn’t your typical mothers day but I’m sure I don’t need to go into the reasons for that. As you can see there I am sat proudly, shopping bag in hands, in my 25th Anniversary Special Edition.

The 307? All will become obvious when you receive a mass email from me to all of you the NWM membership. Please refrain from posting a response to this post until you have received my email explaining what I would like you all to do in your response to my forum post. Only then can you make any comment about my red beanie hat!

Jim Keeley Joint Area Coordinator North West Midlands

Thinking about priorities in these strange days, it occurred to me that I needed to get my favourite guitar back from a mate…


Hmm, I hope the Fender was wearing a seatbelt while travelling…

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Wishing we could go out


Hi, I’m one of the 267 who can’t make it to your Wednesday meets due to another commitment but here’s my 1990 Roadster.

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Absolutely! She’s one of the most valuable things to ever sit in that seat! :grinning:


My poor old Mk1 is having a full rebuild at the moment.

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I’m one of 40…great to see other members of NWM area :+1:


One car two members.


Are you on FB Spirited Green Sports Black MX-5 site ?

All ready and nowhere to go


Was the question about the Spirited Green group aimed at me Chris? This new forum is unfamiliar.

Our MX5 is self-isolating, as well as us!
Alan and Jan


Don’t forget to protect the pedal cycle!

Yes FB Group for our Spirited Green Sports Black limited addition cars.
Around 16 on there so far, recording area and numbers plus other info. Worth joining.

A Big Welcome to Trevor Nicholls stood proudly next to his MX-5. No coming out of the garage for now unfortunately.

Hurry up the day when we can go cruising

no where to go