The yellow MK 1 near top of field as you went in entrance........

 Up for sale at £4750 i think it was. Mmmmmmmmmm!!! That interior was very very nice. Really got me licking my lips at what can be done!!

Great Great day by the way. So many 5’s it was unreal!! Well done to every single person involved in the organisation of it.

A very greatful fiver!!!

 Cool thanks my car on show and came 1st cool mk1- would have looked even better in the sun as it would have shown off the pearl paint.

But great day and a great drive home 3 1/2 hours roof down ace

GThumbs up

Dear George

Was nice to meet you yesterday , we had a chat about turbos etc and you told me that you planned to import from US ,  really loved yr car sorry just spent an arm and a leg on our 5 with new suspesion exhaust etc

 be happy to stay in touch

kind regards


Hey George
Good to meet you again
’she’ was looking as gorgeous as ever regardless of the weather
Well done on the WIN. No surprises lol Thumbs up

Excellent news George!!! Well done! Still think you shouldn’t sell her! I would love to adopt her to keep Eric company!!