This could be the one

Hey guys you all know your stuff about mx5’s, have a look at this link and tell me if you think it is worth it-

And I have been there today and looked at it really as nice as the photos look.


Thanks  Al

 Personally, looking at the styling it would suggest its been owned by a boy racer and may have been thrashed within an inch of its life. Being advertised on piston heads may also confirm this. I think there are nicer cars out there for the money. just my opinion though. the styling looks awful. On the other hand, it could be a really nice car but i would have to change the wheels, get rid of the roll bar and replace the clear lights at the back with originals.

If you like it go for it {#emotions_dlg.thumb} It’s not over the top with the chrome - wheels, roll bar and a bit on the steering wheel. Other than that it’s very calm.

Personally I like the wheels, with an all black car I think you can get away with them.

I’ve got more chrome on my car and I’m not a boy racer {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


 Looks great in my opinion. Smile

I’m pretty sure that Ady likes the wheels:

I think Ady should check copyright on his mods!

-that car on Pistonheads is a bit of a looky-likey isn’t it?

Well the car is now mine, woop woop.


Sorry Ady for my car looking a bit like yours .



Nice one, looks great Big Smile

Looks great mate, welcome to the party—

OMG   I don’t believe what I have done, I have just been out to look at my car and I put the roof down and the rear plastic window just split I don’t get it, it wasn’t frosty just cold.


Any body know of a good place to get a replacement and how much it might be?.


A very upset 


Best thing to do would of been but heaters on for a few minutes to be extra sure, anyway you could try a quick fix depending on the size of the split which is a glue called stormsure (used on wetsuits etc) worked really well on mine kept water etc out for couple of months til I got mine sorted.

Depending on condition of your current hood either just replace the rear screen or you may have to opt for a new hood. Sure someone will be along with rough prices shortly

A hood trimmer should be able to swe in a new bit of PVC for under £100; it might not be as neat looking as original though. If you have an original factory roof, thats still in good order, you might be able to get a used rear section from Sam Goodwin. Aftermarket hoods aren’t compatable. If there are any splits in the binding over the doors, the hood is on the way out; stick on some clear repair tape, get some use out of the car, and save for a new hood. The roof will be down for most of the summer anyhow. Budget about £300 for a standard hood, supplied and fitted.