This was playing as the Elvington Parade started!

Hi everyone!

I forgot to add this with a comment!  It was playing as the parade started!  I tried to get 87.7 FM but my MX-5 RF’s radio would not tune in to it!

Keep on Moving by FIVE at 12:05




we’re thinking of doing a single now; “close the gap” by “tannoy dude” as Tim as become know now   

How about “Another on bites the rust”?

How about this one by Utada Hikaru ??? Addicted to You! 


Top do! But as a ND owner and in response to the RF OP you select manual tune and the screen shows a dial and you turn the main selector wheel and tune the exact digit frequency:-)

Thanks Touche!

I know the manual tune operation very well but 87.7 would not lock. Tried many times then gave up.

I did the manual tune to 87.7 when I got home and it did lock but, of course, I only heard static.

I have the short stubby aerial but had never had issues with searching etc.


Another appropriate tune!

Let’s stay together,  by Al Green