Thread Closures. Why?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

Why do seemingly fine threads get closed ?
The cracked tyre thread has been closed after about 3 days ?
Why is that ?

ocd mate… ocd

Probably because someone is ticking the “solution” box. Which I think marks the thread for closure

Asked, answered and solution marked, closed by me as the OP as there is no further value in discussing my particular case.

If you want to discuss the general topic of tyre aging feel free to start a new generic thread.

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Well HOT DANG !!! I didn’t even know there was a solution box. Mea culpa.

No worries, the solution option is designed to help people in future find the best answer to a problem or question quickly.

The op can mark the proposed solution that works for him but it still doesn’t really answer the question why we need to close threads…

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We have numbers of instances where someone finds a thread about a topic that is several years old and not closed and re engages with that, often the contributors to that thread are not around to participate or comment on input they gave at the time.

It’s useful for old threads to be there as read only and if new discussion is useful a new thread will attract current club and forum members to participate in the discussion.

It is also quite possible that 2 year old (or more) answers are now out of date, so starting a new thread, but referencing the old one makes sense.

Yea but someone else may answer the question. If its related i don’t really see what the problem is. It actually does not make sense to open a new thread if you want to ask a question about something that was already discussed…

My humble view anyway…


Mark 1 is 30y+ old car
Mark 2 24y old car
Mark 3 15y
Mark 4 was released in 2016-17?
(Someone going to correct me with quoted age above).

Not really much change with these cars…

Current / best suppliers may well change over time.

If anyone is in doubt, it has always been the case that any forum member can request a thread that they have started to be locked. No justification is needed.

Send a message to Admin for the appropriate action to be taken, or use Post Reporting feature to alert Admin.

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Well that is odd, I just unchecked a solution tick having had no involvement with the thread!
Obviously re-added as a solution to neutralise:-)

This arbitrary closure of threads seems to have little real merit, other than a form of control freakery. For me, the ‘justifications’ really add up to nothing. I’ve often read threads that have been resurrected, and found it interesting to go back to the beginning of the thread to read through the various replies, see how a topic developed, and learned a lot quite quickly.

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That doesn’t lead to a thread being automatically locked. But if you try and reply tom a thread with “solution” checked, there is an “are you sure” message, which you can just ignore if you want.

I am in the “don’t close threads” camp.
My logic is if you do a search on an issue, it is better to have one or two long threads with discussion spanning years, than to have a dozen short threads where finding the 'golden nuggets" is harder. Yes old links may now be broken, but often someone will update with new links - and if they are in the same thread the context is there.


Yeah , but most of the old threads had good knowledgeable time served problem solvers/spanner throwers that worked on them answering questions to resolve issues with correct answers, but we all moved on because of the attitude from admin towards the genuine spanner throwers not guessers with the Know how.

None of the threads in the technical area actually auto close irrespective of the jibe at the quality of the responses to them in the post above.

So if someone finds an old technical topic and wants to continue it then it’s there and available.

Some of the less technically focused areas have a 30 day auto close.

Anyone can request a thread they started to be closed.