Thumbs Up for Peter James Insurance

Previous insurance with Stirling Insurance (part of Adrian Flux). Classic policy. (No MCD can be earnedearned) 5000mls per annum, mk2.5, Jap import, 1.8 automatic. 73yrs old. Renewal was £195. Pretty fair.
Peter James new classic scheme they’ve introduced £190 !!Similar with lower excesses for windscreen and agreed valuation over phone with no photographic evidence required. Must be club member though. Still need to check small print, but their new scheme looks promising


Still looks a wee bit on the high side but then I don’t know your details. I always use price comparison websites like GoCompare or Compare the Market for my insurance to get the best deals.

Just renewed with Peter James also. Have been with Lancaster but big increase this time, Peter James best part of £50 cheaper, with agreed value(no photo required). 2002 NBfl ,car garaged, 3000 miles p/a. West Mids postcode. 77 years old £174.

I been with Adrian flux for 20+ years might think of changing lanes with this type of quote :thinking:

I will certainly give them a chance to quote (They are MX-5 Insurance, aren’t they?) when my renewal is up

You speaking about the Owners Club Insurance scheme that’s being provided by Peter James.

If only my renewal quote was £195 !

Im a 24 year old and Hastings refused to insure me after putting on a set of pretty standard high quality eibach springs in my car. Not sure how this would significantly adjust any risk with me driving on the road doing circa 5k miles a year…

I am resonably happy with the bill from greenlight who stated any non power mods to my mx5 wouldn’t cause an increase in my premium, so could be worth while for any other mid 20’s someone with a 5 looking for insurance. Quote ended up being 640, while not ridiculous I’ve got 7 years no claims on a car with 160hp, I was hoping for lower…

Looking forward to next year to seeing if quotes for the owners club insurance are a tad lower, plus the additional drop of being 25+. A man can dream, can’t he ?

Prices as a whole are up significantly over the whole market, hope by next year they will have softened a bit.

If anyone ever needs any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.

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