Tickets for Oulton Park

Hi folks,just ordered my tickets on line with no problem - had a confirmation email straight away! - what brilliant service

Hi thank you for your post as it made realise that I never got a confirmation email when I did it earlier in the week!

Just applied again and got the confirmation… Phew!

I did mine on Tuesday and screen said I was successful but no sign of an email anywhere.

So what should I do ? Re apply or sit and hope the tickets arrive ? 

Having booked an overnight stay I’m concerned I have mucked it up !

I did mine no confirmation mail, so I just did it again and got a confirmation mail straight away, thanks for the post made me check, if you are not sure I would re - send


So what should members do, can anyone confirm whether applications for the tickets have been received?

I did mine on the day I received STHT Monday but no confirmation email, I got the confirmation screen though saying successful.

I did exactly as MickAP, sent my ticket request as soon as I received STHT, I did not receive

an email confirmation of my order.

I re-ordered my tickets today after reading this thread & immediately received a

confirmation email of my order.

All will be well when the tickets arrive in April.


Re ordered again last night after seeing the other posts and got a confirmation email too this time !

See you in April