Timing chain renewal intervals

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 3.5 anniversary model…First registered 25/05/2010
  2. I’m based near: Manchester
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Timing chain

My car has done 58,000 miles and I have no paperwork concerning the timing chain.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can advise me what Mazda or the club advise
regarding renewal mileage and / or age.

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I don’t believe the chain is a service change item like the belts on earlier models.

Thank you Ian, what a quick response.

The only things I have heard/read is if there are any unexpected noises there are some guides that can wear and are replaceable.

Ok Ian, got that. Engine sounds very smooth.I will just look at oil changes / filters then.


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The timing chain can technically go on forever even very high mileage. It has a hydraulic tensioner/other parts which if worn can be replaced. But if you get to that point I would be renewing the chain assembly completely.
As others state the warning signs will be a rattle/metallic noise.
Extremely important to change the engine oil and filter as per service recommendations.
But I and many others do that annually regardless of mileage.
I researched that subject in 2016 when I bought mine and could find no instances of one breaking. (Still can’t).

They Seek him here they seek him there, but thank you anyway for sending the information which I will be guided by.


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Glad someone gets it! :wink: