Tinting a soft rear window?!?!?

Tinting a soft rear window?!?!?
 Is it possible? I am thinking of getting the sides tinted to a nice subtle amount, but will it look cack from the rear with the rear window a non glass one not tinted?!?!? Or can it be done?
 (I get the feeling most will say buy a new roof with a glass screen, but my roof is MINT!)

 I’d find a film-tinting company and go ask them.
Don’t think a dye will be easy to get even.

Yes you could tint it, but the issue would be ‘how long will it last’.

The tint used would have to bend with the window when the roof’s put down and I don’t think it’d be easy to find one that could do that as of course the’re not designed to do that as it’s ‘usually’ stuck to glass windows that don’t flex.

If you’re VERY careful when putting the rear window down and don’t let it flex too much you’d probably get away with it, but that depends on whether you could live with the slight ‘hassle’ factor ? If you get them professionaly done they probably wouldn’t garuntee (spelling) the rear window though … would look damn good though.

Also as i’m sure you’re well aware, don’t get the side windows tinted too much as Mr Plod will be telling you to remove it.

what about tinting spray for lights?

It’s a mk1, so when down it actually lies pretty flat, although the roof does lay on it. 
I could try tinting spray, and t-cut it off should it not work properly, but then that may crack also! I think a film would have a better chance of survival…
I’ll pop down my local tinters when it’s on the road and ask em! 
I only intend to get them all to the legal limit. (35% on sides I believe) as I don’t like cars where they dont all match!!
Thanks for the replies! I’ll keep you all posted…


I have fitted a wind deflector which has a plastic mesh. I would guess it would be possible to fit a layer of mesh to the screen, which would fold OK then get the tint guys to match the side windows to that.
Just a thought.