To spray or not to spray?

I’ve just taken delivery of a new ND. Driven it home, now dismantling it ready for the Dinitrol treatment whilst it’s still clean underneath. Some parts of the floor pan have what looks like a greyish plastic felt spray finish. I assume this is for protection and soundproofing. Is it ok to spray over this coating with Dinitrol black rustproofing or is it best avoided where possible?

If the Dinitrol adheres I’d cover the lot

And don’t forget to remove all the boot trim so you can get some nice runny ‘wax’ down the back of the wheel arch area.


Some of the additional places you can treat if you remove front/rear bumpers, plastic sill covers and wheel arch liners. Although I used Waxoyl, whatever your choice it really is so much easier when everything is clean when new.

I thought I would remove the plastic sill covers but after a look, I’m not confident I know how to remove and replace them without damage. There are no detailed instructions on YouTube that I have been able to find.

Hi mxomatosis,

The first two links are from the 2015 workshop manual, which show removal and replacement of the “side step molding” (sill).

The third link takes you to a forum post I did, as a result of some initial difficulty I encountered with an extra clip I found that’s not mentioned in the 2015 workshop manual.

Thank you so much for the information, really helpful! I have noticed the grey/white plastic plastic plugs with a circle & cone affair (which looks like an O level geometry question) behind the wheel arch liners. Any idea what their purpose is?

Pop a picture up so we can see what it is you are looking at.

Centre of photo

I remember seeing them and I think it is a drain, but not sure.

As far as I recall it’s just a removable blanking plug with a soft rubber-type seal.