Toasty knees

Just when I thought our NC couldn’t get any better, I’ve found the autumn / winter knee heater setting :slight_smile:


I didn’t realise there was one , I can barely read the Hyrogliphics on the dial , so i let my wife play around with it till it’s blowing where she wants :grin:

Please do tell, I thought it was out the top vents, on your feet or a bit of both!!! :open_mouth:

there’s another vent at knee height.

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Also great for warming your left hand on chilly winter days with top down…

I never thought of that, I usually get my wife to sit on it :grin:


Oh is that what the other symbol means on the climate dials, I’m guessing it’s that thin vent on the side of the console?

There you go (I’m sure you’d worked it out anyway)!

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Fantastic, never looked that close I guess…makes the car worth every penny just for that feature :grinning: :+1:

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the ventilation to go on the screen and my feet at the same time :thinking:



That’s what the two triangles mean? well I never cheers :+1:

The car that just keeps on delivering :+1: :grinning:

Very true, I only found out that I had heated door mirrors a couple of days ago when I noticed they cleared themselves when I turned on the heated rear window switch, I stuck my hand on the glass and found that they were warm!

I don’t drive mine unless it’s hot and sunny :grinning: so would likely never have discovered that!!! Cheers