Tony Banks Remap

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2007
  2. I’m based near: Manchester
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Remaps

I have my car booked in for an Exhaust at Tony Banks. I have already asked on question about tailpipes, but this one is about remaps.

They offer a remap once the exhaust is fitted. Has anyone had a remap done, what are your thoughts? Any BHP gain? Etc etc. I would love to hear your stories to see if it is worth the extra spend.

are you having manifold done or just rear box ???

Mid pipe and rear box.

i dont think there will be any gains without changing the manifold (its very restricted )


I would be highly suspicious and want to know exactly what they were doing and how.

I guess I should point out, when they provided the quotation they did not know what I was going to purchase and the part of the email referring to a remap was generic rather than to me specifically. What I was trying to find out from the forum was if it was worth it and I should speak to them about it. They have not tried to sell me the remap as such. From the sounds of it, unless I have the manifold done it would not bring any gains. Unless anyone else feels otherwise?

It’s dependent on who does it and what they do, but generally there is only approx 10 - 15 bhp to be had with barely any other mods. You could fill it with 99 and get it remapped and see what it does, but you’d have to run it exclusively on that thereon after.
This subject was covered recently btw, you’ll see it down there. The most gains are from a manifold.

i’m trying to decide on either a remap or wheels refurbished. As in my case too my nc1 has a better sports exhaust back box but I am not going to go have any other performance mods done. My thoughts for the remap are better economy. more responsive throttle for overtaking and less drama when pulling away from stand still. I will most likely be running on normal unleaded fuel as higher octaine fuel is becomming increasingly more expensive.

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So I have been doing some reading and there are alot of companies offering remaps on the MX5 Mk3 1.8 stating a 10bhp gain. Not one of them mention anything about exhausts and manifold requirements. I would therefore conclude that a remap would indeed make a difference to the cars performance as all state the same gains in BHP and torque.

Tbh I am getting quite excited about this. I have taken ages researching so many companies to do this job for me. These guys are definately the ones I want to do the work on my car.

At the end of the day it’s an individual choice what people spend money on.
Indeed it’s exciting researching to see what is about and what you can get.
Likewise, we don’t know what they charge for that service?
Is it cost effective?
So 10 Bhp at the flywheel will equate to “around” 7 at the wheels?
You loose more on 4 wheel drive, then rear wheel drive and loose even less with front wheel drive. So the 5 sits in the middle.
Would you notice the difference?
That I don’t know but guessing probably not.
Just an opinion.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Without removing the original manifold the only benefit would be being able to brag about your remap. They could probably get away with telling you it had been mapped and your brain would imagine the increase in performance.
There are more satisfying ways to spend the money like tyres or alignment.