Top Secret, only click here if you can keep a secret..!

OK, this is all a bit hush hush, but I am told this may be appearing at the National Rally Prescott Speed Hill Climb on 16 September, so keep it a secret please, or I may get in trouble… Wink

Not so secret,  was seen parked in Aldwych London last week, PH.

Is that the new ‘half-a-car’ concept Martin?


Has Fiat built their half yet!

I must admit, having seen this in the flesh (and facelift or not) I’m bloody tempted…

not sure we are allowed to show all of it! (or any of it officially Wink  )  I will have to see if my source has any other pictures we can leek… (or is it leak?)  Confused

The car is known to have been coming since July, but its launch and publicity has been.

Have worked with Mazda to bring the MX-5 Owners Club members the first proper public engagement of the new car, so now you know where it will be and when to come and have a look see, touch and enquire.

If you’d like to have a look at the new facelift MX-5, test drive the current range, get a ride in the GT Concept, have a close up look at the GT4 Race Car, have a look round more MX-5 traders than we have ever had at a Club rally and much much more, then come along to the MX-5 Owners Club 2012 National Rally at Prescott, near Cheltenham on Sunday 16th September.

Gates Open at 10am.

Free for Club members, £5 per person for non members, Children under 5 free.

Where :