Total Quartz INEO ECS 5W-30 Engine Oil NO longer available

No longer available.

This is what I have in my 2.0 NC. As recommended and sold by Opie Oils.

Interesting Opie recommend this oil. I know most modern oils suit both petrol and diesel engines, but as far as I can see, unusually, Ineo ECS is just ACEA C2; a pdf equipped diesel specification. I can find no mention of any ACEA or API petrol specifications for it. No surprise my Mazda handbook recommends API SL/SM and ACEA A3/A5 for the petrol engines in the NC MX5. As mentioned by scarletpimpernel Ineos MC3 is API SN plus a number of manufacturer’s dual petrol/diesel specifications and seems much more appropriate. To be honest, the ECS probably won’t do any damage, but on principle I personally wouldn’t use it in a petrol engine when other more appropriate oils are available.

It says on the back of the can it can be used in petrol & diesel engines with after treatment systems. I always understood the C grade oils as being catalyst/DPF safe.