Towing Eye difficulty

NC 2008
I’m guessing the towing eye holes have never been used. So, initially the towing eyes are either not gripping at all, or only barely. Following a few WD40 sprays I’m getting more grip but feels like not as much as it should be. It doesn’t feel like they are in as far as they should be. I’m thinking it might be worth adding compressed air to blow out any debris, dust, etc. I bought NC compatible eyes from Jass Performance so they should fit. Has anybody experienced this and how did you fix it? Thanks.

The rear one in my nc is fu… put it lightly. The thread’s have gone (rusted away) before i purchased it. The crash bar is now cleaned and painted with rust proof but unless i change the crash bar i cant use the rear tow eye.

The front one works fine. It shouldn’t have much rust in it

I don’t think it’s all rust. I reckon just dirt and debris from 14 years.
Hopefully a can of compressed air will clear it. But I’m wondering if I might need to tap it out.

good luck finding a tap that size mate. I’m not even sure what thread that is even - from memory its around +20mm

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I made a “tap” from an old towing eye, cut some grooves lengthways down the thread then used that to clean the thread on the car.


Are they “towing” eyes or just for tie-down when the car was shipped? I seem to remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t use the eyes (on an ND) for towing and in other countries, the eyes are not passed onto the new owner (read that happens in the U.S. on a Miata site).

Well my ND came with the “Towing eyes” and the manual (page 7-29) says they are for emergency use like getting the car out of a ditch etc.

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On trackdays you are strongly encouraged to fit at least one fitted so if you get in a ditch they can pull you out without damaging anything else.

You can sign a waiver and go without but if you come off they will use the strap whenever they can fit it in order to get you out the track quickly…

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