Toyosports exhaust

On eBay at the moment, is advertised a stainless steel rear back box for an NC MX-5, from a firm based in Birmingham, and listed as a Toyosports brand.

Now, I’ve never heard of this manufacturer before, and the price, at £137.74, with free postage, sounds too good to be true, it being about half the price of others available.

If any member has had any experience of this brand, I would be interested to hear it.


Chinese made; some will be ok, some are junk

It’ll last a few years, then a hanger will break (and then you’ll struggle to find anyone who can weld stainless steel), or the baffles will go. Ok for a risk if you are DIY fitting.

Had an alloy rad from them on my previous toy, very good value great welding good to deal with

I have a dual outlet one fitted to mine. Quality seems OK & it fitted OK.