TPMS sensors for BBS alloys

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2024 ND3 Exclusive
  2. I’m based near: Ireland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: TPMS sensors.

Hello there,

I am trying to figure out if I need new TPMS sensors if I swap the default 2024 ND3 alloys for the BBS ones. Do BBS alloys need a different TPMS sensors?


Someone with more knowledge that me (not hard) will conform, but 99.9% sure they won’t need new ones.
Also, those BBS, the forged ones at least, will set you back a cool £700ish a wheel.

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The BBS available on the mazda configurator are not the forged ones considering the price.

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I suspect that you have the metal screw in type of ‘valve’ which has a TPM built in. You will nee to transfer the valves or buy another set like these Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor, MX5 Mk3.5/3.75/4 & RF – MX5 Parts.

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Batteries in TPMS sensors typically last ten years from initial activation by putting pressure in the tyre.

It depends on how soon you replace the tyres after they were originally fitted, and then how long until you will change them again. Will this add up to ten years?

I know mine were still working at ten, because the tyres were OEM Bridgestone, and one sensor threw up a genuine low pressure warning on the way to fit new tyres.

Some tyre places want 60 per sensor, but this Az offering for a set of four is more realistic. The price on that particular page seems to vary quite lot (I’ve seen anything from 35 to 65), but you should find 4 for under 50.

But does the ND3 use TPMS type valves?

Can’t see why it won’t. The ND has used valve TPMS since about the ‘68 plate, time of the 181hp engine. Before that it used the indirect TPMS system, which uses the ABS to monitor. Another indicator of if a particular ND has direct value sensors, or not, is those NDs which have no TPMS reset switch on the right lower dash panel by the right knee have the valve-based TPMS system, whereas those without the direct value TPMS does have a reset switch. In summary though, if you’ve an ND2 it’ll have the valve based ones, ND1 most likely not (I’ve got a very late ND1 and mine hasn’t got them). So I can’t see why the ND’3’ (if that’s really what it is lol) won’t have them.


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