TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system (direct) - new modules needed

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND2 RD 1.5
  2. I’m based near: Hampshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: TPMS

I knew nothing about TPMS until this morning. I didn’t even know I had it.

Last week I got a second-hand set of standard 16" wheels. They came with good tyres. I was intending to remove my original wheels (with old tyres) and put some track day tyres on them. I’ve just fitted the ‘new’ wheels, which caused the tyre pressure dashboard light to come on and I’ve discovered I don’t have the TPMS modules in the ‘new’ wheels.

I’ve spoken to the local tyre fitter who will fit them if I supply them, but he reckons they need to be coded to the car, which he can’t do. The bigger tyre-fitting places say they can supply and fit coded TPMSs, but they will charge an awful lot more. There are plenty of places online selling ‘pre-programmed’ TPMS modules starting at about £20 each. Do these work? Do they need to programmed to my actual car, or just programmed to my make and model of car?

The joys of owning a modern car :frowning:

No personal experience, a search suggests these may be plug and play:

All tyre pressure sensors in the uk and Europe opperate, or so they should, on the same frequency so any tpm should work. The frequency is 433.98 mhz. The problem could be that if someone has imported some from outside Europe they could be the wrong frequency.
To be sure get the ones from Mazda they are £120 for four approximately. The ones that a reputable tyre place sell should also work.

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To be clear the coding to the car is automatic. They are set to the car by pressing the reset dash buttom or by driving the car as explained in the owner manual and they automatically set after a few miles.

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If the car has wheel units (direct TPMS) it won’t have a button on the dash. If the car has indirect TMPS (works off wheel speed not wheel units) then it’ll have a button on the dash.

I’m fairly certain it’s direct TPMS. The wheels that came with the car appear to have bulky metal valves, so these are probably the modules. It’s also a late 2018 ND2, which I think also means it should have direct TPMS.

Thanks @Crystal_MX-5RF for the info. Direct from Mazda at around that price is probably the best option.

Yes, rubber tyre valves on indirect systems and metal on direct (assuming factory fitted).

If it has the metal valves they are the automatic ones just plug and play. When i put my replacement oz wheels on with the new Mazda ptms fitted they worked instantly no warning light at all after start up.

I supplied a spare wheel and tyre to my local Mazda Dealer and they supplied a Mazda TPMS module, fitted the module and tyre to the wheel and balanced the lot for me. All at reasonable cost too.

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