TR Lane GP roll bar - any good?

Morning all,

Been offered a TR Lane GP roll bar (the basic one with no diagonal bracing) for about 40% of its new cost. I’d like to buy a roll bar for my MK1 so I can do the odd track day.

Would this be any good? Still safe enough?
A friend of mine said I should spend the extra and buy a new GC fabrications one.

But in the interest of saving money…:stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts?? Thanks

No MX5 rollbar has been subjected to rigourous testing; yeah, there is a video of someone uptipping a rollbar, but thats not a proper test… There is no evidence that the GC Fabrications rollbar is “safer” (define safer) than any other rollbar available.

If its about safety, then your answer is a full FIA-style cage, but that will severely restrict how you use the car for 90% of the time. In normal driving, you are more likely to be t-boned, or hit from the rear, than rolling over the car. Both of which may result in that rollbar moving closer to your (unprotected) head. The bars with crossbracing, in my view, restrict use of the rear view mirror too much, and thus affect my ability to operate the car on public roads.

Plus fitment of the rollbar is also important. A welded in rollbar is safer than a bolt in bar. A badly bolted in roll bar is less safe than a properly bolted in rollbar.

Look carefull at this rolled Mustang. See the rollbar that’s punched through the floor?

Unless your friend is a professional in the field, ignore your friend.