Track day booking - how do you know if you got it?

 We were quick off the mark with the form for the track day and a cheque but as yet we’ve not had a response.  What’s the best way to find if you have a booking or not?




 Chris & Anna

Which/what track day? - If it’s from here (the OC forum), then I’d PM or Email the original poster chappy.


Hi Chris & Anna

I have just rang Mark & Carole to confirm they have received your booking… and they have.

They are just waiting on Javelin Trackdays to send them the Safety Instructions.  Once they have them they will be sending copies with your tickets… should be with you this week.  From then on they will go out in weekly batches as the booking come in.

I hope that puts your mind at rest


I am in the same boat, but will wait patiently a little longer now. But, I am concerned whether my application arrived at all as my cheque has not been presented. Can you check please Mick?

Regards   Jim



You are top of the list… ie first one to book.  Perhaps I should put up a full list… but then I run the risk of data protection shinanagans

 Fab - much appreciated.

Not excited -honest!! [:D]

Chris & Anna


You’re welcome…  see you there