Track day prep

Booked my first track day with my nc1, any obvious or must do mods? Already on lowering springs with h and r arb’s and good tyres.

I fitted a roll bar from GCFabrications, fitted some decent tyres (Toyo Proxes Sport), new discs and pads (Brembo), fitted an oil cooler and remote oil filter, added brake and throttle pedal extensions (makes heel and toeing easier). Then went to Cadwell and had a ball!

The roll bar is a must for any track work and helps stiffen the car slightly.

The MX already had Eibach 30mm lowering springs, the ride is very good, very little roll but still smooth and compliant. The brakes as standard are very good, I just fit a decent make. The Toyo tyres are the same type I used when racing a GT86 Cosworth (they had to be Book 1) excellent in the dry and brilliant in the wet and a mere £60 a corner.

Hope this helps.

It will be fine as you have it.

Just make sure the brake fluid is fresh, and your oil is at max on the dipstick. A good investment is the new dipstick available as it’s easier to read. Take oil with you and check it after a couple of runs.

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Don’t over think it, take it as is you’ll have a blast… Then think about what else you want to do after doing a few.

Where and when have you booked?

Bru :+1:

Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of the pedal extensions will look into it

Brake fluid refresh is on the list, thank you

Snetterton on the 8th may, special novice track day

I would be surprised if it goes ahead.