Hi guys,

We have been working on the possibility of providing a track day on 31 May (Monday bank holiday) to coincide with the NI Spring Rally weekend.

This will take place at Kirkiston race circuit

This will be hosted by the TVR Club and we are invited to join them for the day. Places will be made available on a first come first served basis and will cost £40 for a half day and £80 for a full day. This is an excellent venue and the NI MX-5 owners club usually join up with the TVTR club 3 times a year for their track days. They have suggested that this time they may be able to organise it that we will have our own sessions with MX-5’s only on track at a given time.

What I need before we go ahead with this, is to guage the response from you to see if this is something that we should go ahead with.

Once all the details are ‘nailed down’ I can then post them on the website.

Please let me know by posting to this thread if you are interested.





You can put my name down

There has not been much interest in this so far. I can understand that most people will not want to come this far, prang their car and have to walk home. 

The track day option was offered as it seemed to be a popular request at other Spring Rally’s but this one is a bit different.

If anyone wants to go I will give you the contact details and you can book directly or perhaps even better just turn up and dive on the day, which means you are free to go or free to change your mind in the last minute if you want. The address of Kirkiston race course is