Track event timing sheets

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7th - I’m a happy girl.  Escpecially beating my brother who was 14th [:D]



woohoo 3rd place - wheres my prize?  [H]

 WOW 1 second covering positions 2 to 5 shows how close this was


But big hand to Chris who was faster by a whole second…and thats a lot on a course that short…well done…

Pity thers no info about which marks 1-2-3 etc




 I’m sorry to say the budget only ran to a prize for first place.

Does anyone know who Alex Walsh is… I have the trophy for his 1/4 mile win


 You mean I don’t get a prize for being the fastest girl???   [:(]


i came 12th not bad for the first attempt i was winning at one point ( ho ye that would be because i was first on track :slight_smile: )

Any idea of what modifications the cars had.

if not i will start a list 

Standing quarter 

12 : MK1 standard no engine modifications  



quick edit spelling 

First time on a track

17: 49’25 standard MK1 1.6 SUPER DAMN DAMP WET with rubbish tyres[:)]

do i get -4 seconds for driven in wet according to top gears theory?


Standing quarter 

12 : MK1 standard no engine modifications
17 : MK1 1.6 ALL STANDARD apart from front strut brace

Standing quarter 

12 : MK1 standard no engine modifications


Sprint track 
17 : MK1 1.6 ALL STANDARD apart from front strut brace


Hi was your time not the sprint track sir

I wish i had had a go at the sprint track now, forgot all about it :frowning:

Please keep the car descriptions coming, I’ll add them to the table… I’ll also add forum names where relavent (please PM your real name and forum name if you don’t want them to be publicly shown together). I assume you are posting descriptions on your own cars.

 Sprint 21 (El Chinko) & 22 (non forum - YR webmaster & Spring Rally mini site webmaster) same car…  NA 1600 nil mods

well spotted thank you



 Sprint track 
22 : MK2 1.6 ALL STANDARD apart from go-faster stripes    [au]

Tartiflette - Jane Oxby

 Please Mr R Robbie note on your sheet that my run in Project Merlot was just the one run, on which I nearly went the wrong way, it had just started raining, my phone was ringing and I had a traumatic confrontation just before I left the start line.!!!


sorry but you missed the gaggle of geese crossing the fastest part of the track 


would have been interesting if it was right either i had done the sprint track in 16 seconds or you had done the 1/4 mile in 49 LOL



 Sprint track 

3rd place 45.37 seconds

Standing 1/4 Mile

14th 16.71 seconds 79.75

Car specs / mods: 1.6 91 mk1, torsen LSD, 1.8 front brakes, stainless lines, arc induction kit, Larger alloy rad, 4-2-1 ss manifold with kakimoto decat exhaust, agx shocks with eibach springs, subtle body kit, roll cage, bucket seat, engine strut brace and a over heating problem on the day [:(] - this is the everyday car [Y]

Here are my excuses. (was I last in the standing quarter, or 21st out of 200?)

I’ve never done it before, and only tried it to cure an irritating body squeak that has just started, in the steering colum area. It didn’t work. I had a boot full of luggage and shifted up at 6000rpm. Don’t suppose the fat Eunos S spoiler helps either, in a straight line sprint.

For the record, mine (1.6 Eunos) has nothing more than a decat and a cone KandN (no cold air induction).

Would be interesting to compare those running Mark 1’s with 10 degrees or 14 degrees of advance - and where did people reckon it’s best to shift up, to make best use of the power band? 6000 or red line? I suppose it changes with each gear ratio.



 oh yeah, forgot those, you spotted them then ?   I didn’t mention them before because I thought you may think I was making up same lame excuse… :wink: