trackday newbie

After going to Blyton last year(first time)as a spectator I loved it so much that this year the call has become too  great so I have surrended to it and booked myself on the saturday novice session(cant wait)

but a few questions from a trackday virgin…

is there a standard/kitemark for crash helmets. I have got my old motorcycle helmet but its probably getting a bit long in the tooth and I might replace it,suggestions for a cheap(ish) track legal replacement would be gratefully recieved.

do I need one of those yellow and black diagonal stickers and if so anybody know where I can get one (apart from Blyton itself)

I noticed last year cars had a strap for towing fitted. are these compulsory? if so where do I get one?

I also gather NO short sleeves on track what is the ‘DRESS CODE’ as it may be? I.E what is recommended(Im sure we would all love a Sparco racing suit but…)

the obvious…get 5 serviced… done

                    4 new kumhos… done

                   check brakes are up to the job… pending         

is there anythig else Ive missed? thanks in advance…OH and a great big thanks to Pete mac and team for another fantastic event that we get for being an O.C. member       

As far as I’m aware, there is no minimum requirement for crash helmets on track days. That said, it goes without saying to wear a ‘good un’ it’s your head it might be protecting. I also use the one I had when into motorbikes, Arai, but I’ve owned it from new and know it’s never been dropped or abused.

Novice sticker not required, we aren’t racing.

Tow straps not compulsory either. As long as the cars towing points are accessible is all that is required. If screw in type, need to be fitted prior to going on track. If Mk1 or 2 the marshals know where they are.

Arms and legs covered, no need for 3 layer fire retardant suits, yes a nice sparco is good, but I have basic pit crew overall I wear. Oh, and I would recommend sensible footwear, stilettos aren’t very functional :slight_smile:

Hi smiffee.

Thanks for that .youve answered all the questions I have(for now).never tried driving in stilletos .dont think the wife as any.only wear puma driftcats in the 5. ive got size 11 feet and any other footware is lethal see you at Blyton…