Trackday Saturday of Spring Rally

Please will an organiser contact me to confirm whether my booking has been accepted?

I sent a cheque on 8 March 2009 that hasn’t been cashed.

I pm’d mick_gauntlet on 31 March 2009 to enquire. No reply.

Other postings on here indicate that a little bit of communication from organisers would be appreciated.


 Not sure why you didn’t get my reply but you are on the list… please accept my apologies for any inconvenience

The List:

Jim Va****
Peter Ha****
Graham Mo**
Gordon Mo**
Christopher Ba***
Anna Ba***
Alex Wa***
Stephen Bi**
Andrew Har***
Tim Asp*****
Simon Asp*****
Roy Tw***
Michael Step******
Paul Va**
John Til****
Paul Rod*****
Adrian Mo****
Jeremy Hib****
Chris Wil*****
Andrew Tho*****
Lee Pr***
Mick Qu***
Yorkshire Ridings x 4
Eastern Region x 3
Sue War***

Thank you, looking forward to it!!


us too!!! see you there [:)]

Saturday Trackday Instructions and Timetable have now be uploaded onto the miniwebsite…

looky at “New Information” paragraph here :

 Cheers for the update… [:D]

From that then I guess afternoon drivers can sign in any time so long as they are there for the afternoon briefing at 1.00pm?    1.00pm being the time on the Javelin attachment I just downloaded form the rally site.

And are Javelin or you guys sending us those instructions direct or do I need to copy the download to all 6 I have booked in as drivers… ?   I will probably send on to then anyway… no excuses then!!!





Carole aka Mrs admin sent out instructions to those who pre paid on Saturday evening… they should be arriving shortly.   As far as you go, she sent a covering letter and 3 lots of instructions, 1 for each car…you will have to do another 3 copies for your second drivers… sorry about that.

Reserved and pay on the day guys/girls can download and print but we will have copies on the day

Oops nearly forgot… yes - sign in can be done anytime before the 1pm safety brief


well here’s hoping the rain stops for tomorrow, not to fussed about a wet track but not sure i’ll fit in my car with a helmet on if the roof has to be up.


really looking forward to it, see ya’ll soon [:P]

 Have a good day all.

And new Guys


start slowly ,  warm your tyre and brakes up and then gradualy increase your speed.

Dont feel the need to be pushed by others drive at a speed thats just a little bit quicker than you normally would

and you should have no probs.

If your brake pads arn’t NEW then maybe a spare set just incase you shred them a 14 + 17 mill spanner should not be to dificult to carry.

Take a little extra oil as track days can be heavy on your oils consumption.


when you come into the Paddock let your engine cool slightly and park your car in gear Not with the handbrake ON.


Have Fun and see you all on Sunday



Woo, what an afternoon. I had a great time but my tyres didn’t hehe. maybe the TC wouls have helped a little but where’s the fun in that? No matter tho i have a fresh set waiting to go on. I’ve never driven so close to the edge before really, could feel the car shifting around on the track so much but it never felt like it was going to go anywhere but where it was pointing. My lines were no where near perfect most of the time but it wasn’t a race so who cares, it was just great great fun,even when the heavens opened and we were engulfed in rain. I turned my TC back on for the wet, there was so much standing water and my confidence in the wet was low to start with, as the standing water cleared and a drier line appeared i turned the TC off again and the car still felt really grippy, a couple of small tail out moments in the slow corners putting my foot down to early but no spins… which was nice.


all in all a fantastic experience, i just wish i could afford to do more track days…









Now that’s what I call fun!!

It was better in the wet because you didn’t know which end of the car was going to slide first; particularly round the long right hander leading to the straight with transitions from concrete to tarmac (with paint lines) then back to concrete - John was having a good chuckle behind me in the first morning session. I achieved my objective of finishing off my R888s, got down to the canvas and they ended up looking like old threepenny bits with the carcass moving out of shape. Timing was perfect, we got the road tyres on just before the afternoon deluge and had some swimming practice. Car ran like clockwork all day - thanks to Leigh for sorting out the fuelling.

Roll on Curborough and Cadwell in June with MoT [H]

yeah that long corner was a blast in the wet, hitting the standing water and the surface transitions was great.

the cracks in the concrete down the main straight were a bit of fun to if ya caught one…

Yes, even more so if it was the car in front of you which happened to me after I’d dropped the roof as the track dried…


engine running and in gear?

i would say it was out of shape jeremyh 

but is was a great day even with the rain most fun i have had in ages (car bid not think so my brakes are shot :slight_smile: )


wasn’t me infront of you was it? i know i created a splash or 2 hitting those cracks with a car or 2 behind me… hope i didn’t soak anyone.


B0builder …and I liked your proposed caption for it “Anyone got a socket that’ll fit this?”

Heheh I’m now free to move up to 15" wheels and get some new R888s.

Are you running 1.6 or 1.8 disks? I’ve got a pair of part used 1.6 Axxis Ultimates you can finish off.

 Moggy, I’ve no idea who I was following too closely for my own good. So your concience can remain clear [:)]

just got yellow stuff all round on my way to fit them now.

i am not to sure about your used brake pads i have seen what you do to your tyre god knows what shape your pads are LOL