Trackday Tyres Mk3.5


Retirement beckons and I’m going to finally have time to try the track. The initial plan of getting a cheap mk1/2 has gone by the wayside due to lack of space on the driveway, so it’s on to plan B, which is to use my mk3.5.

 I thought a sensible starting point for track day preparation would be some tyres – if I find I really like the experience I can think about suspension / brake upgrades at a later date.

 The wheels are the 16 inch standard mk3 type (110), what’s the best tyre to fit to these for track days ?  (I will also be driving to / from the venue)

    All advice gratefully received.

                                                 Thanks, Colin. 

Before spending money (probably in the wrong direction) get yourself on one of the Mazda-on-track events…one at Blyton in April 

where you will meet and talk to other drivers and get valuable knowledge 


ps see you there!!!