Traders etc

Will there be any MX5 traders at the spring show ?, never been to a MX5 event before hopefully I will be able to get along, what other things will be happening


Open Pit Track Day (must pre book), 3 themed local area drives, Rally dinner & dance but mainly drinking and chating if the blokes get their way


Air Museum with Local Mazda dealership, MX-5 Parts (Spares & Bling), MazMania (Hoods & Upholstry), Dotnet Dave (Car Detailing), Yorkshire Produce and maybe some other stuff for the ladies, Shooting comps, Show & Shine comps

Pay as you go Track Events … timed with prizes

weekend covered by Digi photo Co … display unit on site take home pics on a CD… you know the sort of thing I mean.  Will publish companies name soon as I’ve forgotten it 

Full Page Advert and Booking Form in next issue of STHT due real soon :slight_smile:

Any chance of getting those people to come who remove dents etc from the cars bodywork?

Be carefull if you do ! . The skill level can be anything from Briiliant to dire. 

I used a highley recomended guy to remove a dent from the top of the wing on my Jensen and now needs the whole wing repairing and re-painting.

Make sure you use a well known expert there are many that just think they can do it , buy a van and start .

I will see how yours comes out first then Pollyana.


We are working on it Alan, just got to get a good dent buster from up our way

Do any club members do MX5 related auto jumble or bring along parts accessories of their own to sell on club stands.

it’s been done at past events, although not recently… we weren’t planning on doing it…sorry

Cheers Mick

Whilst no traders will be at this particular show do other shows have auto jumble / traders

That’s not quite what I said old bean… there will be plenty of traders just not of the second hand / auto jumble type… our view is that ebay has kind of taken on this market but that’s not to say an organiser of a future Spring/National Rally wont have one

Sorry for the confusion mick I should have said auto jumble traders. It does appear that ebay has cornered this market which is a shame, too many people bidding on the stuff and probably not all are genuinely interested in winning or dont have the funds when they do win. Thats why I prefer the personal touch.

No worries, perhaps it’s something we can do at the 15/20 Anniversary Rally

We plan to be there with a selection of used parts. Needless to say that as usual the parts we don’t bring will be the parts that we should have brought…

Anyway, let me know by PM if there’s anything you particularly want us to bring.

Cheers Andrew

I’m not looking for anything specific at the moment, but I will let you know if that changes, it’s more likely to be an impulsive buy being new to the MX5 scene not sure whats out there… in the goodies section !!

We have 16 trade stands confirmed… would you like them listed here or would you rather read about them in the final advert for this Rally in the next STHT?



Yes please[:)]

I’ve sent you an email with the list… please let me know if it hasn’t arrived


Good to see you at the last rally and your store was most intresting to look through the used parts.




PM Sent :slight_smile: