Trading on the day?

just thought a thread listing parts for sale might be useful. I’ll be taking a few bits with me on the day.

mk1 bilstein package (see sales section) £225

mk1 momo steering wheel (no horn button) £15

mk1 cabin brace £20

locking wheel nut package mk1 virtually new £15

standard wheel nuts (hollow type) 50p each

Mk1 1800 afm £20

mk1 1800 injectors (set of four) £30

free hug with every purchase 


141 views? Is this a discussion forum?? 

all I have left from the old Mk1 is a pair of original Roadster mats with the roadster plate still there.
well used but worth a couple of quid in the charity bucket?


Rod’s Mk1 1.6 enthusiasts workshop manual

Any Mk3 bits going there? 


I read your post out of interest, have loads of MKI and MKII bits for sale but not going to the rally, so that accounts for one of the views, well two now :slight_smile:

I’ll have lots of tyres, does that help?

I have some MK3 bits if anyone is interested…

2 x Roll bar covers

1 x Winning blue fuel cap

1 x 6 CD MP3 head unit 

2 x sill plates (originals)

1 x original wiper stalk

2 x orange indicator lens


Now Sold


I had a cover and stand for Mk1/Mk2/mk2.5 hard top, now gone to a good home where it will be loved.

I’ll have:

mk1/2/2.5 hardtop side striker plates (no bolts) £10


mk1/2/2.5 hard & soft top front latches £15


mk1 1.8 fuel rail with FPR £10


indicator/light stalk cluster thingy £10


mk2 1.8 3-pin coilpack £25


unbranded 9" 400W sub £whatever loose change you have


also four mk1 1.8 injectors for £30.01, priced so that you buy Minty’s first cos i’m nice :wink:




possibly interested in the stand depending on price



what diameter is the steering wheel? looking for one smaller than my current 350mm

Hi Guys,


I’ve still got loads of bits left from my Mk1 Roadster after the MEV Exocet build. Will list some here but probably will add to the list in the next days.


Brand new Genuine Mazda Fuel filter still in box (for Mk1 1600)  -  £10

Exhaust manifold gasket  -  £10

Folding sunvisors  -  £5 the pair

Seat belts  -  £10  pair

Mk1 Top mounts  -  £25 set of 4

Plastic Footwell trims (passenger with flare holder)  -  £5 each

Seatbelt tower plastic trims  -  £5 each

Rear red side reflectors  -  £5 pair

Orange side reflectors   -  £5 pair

A pillar plastic trims  -  £5 each

Windscreen top rail plastic trim   -  £5

Hood drain top plastic trims with fittings  -  £5 each

Import numberplate lights  -  £10 pair

Headlight motors   -  £10 pair

Headlight plastic trims  -  £7.50 pair

Headlight cages  -  £5 each

Headlight cover  -  £5 each

Tombstone radio panel  - £7.50

Standard airfilter box  -  £5

Power steering reservoir  -  £10


I have fotos of most of this if needed.