Travelling in France

Millions of people are looking for a summer getaway this month, with many turning their attention to the continent. With airport chaos and rail strikes still threatening travel plans, many will look to drive to France and other popular tourist destinations.

However, Britons are being warned to abide by the French driving laws when it comes to environmental rules, or they could face massive fines
In January 2017, the French Government introduced “clean air” stickers as a legal requirement in many major cities.

The “Crit’Air” vignette is used to identify a petrol or diesel vehicle’s emissions levels and, in some cases, restrict access to improve air quality.

While they do cost, generally around €5 (£4.22), they could save drivers fines of up to €135 (£113.91).

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Got them for both my cars - MX-5 and Tucson BUT make sure you order from the official site
Button on the top right will give you English version.
Beware there are a lot of sites offer the service - for money.
Very easy to do, they want a copy of your V5 but in low resolution- B&W on a mobile phone usually does it.

Thanks for the heads up, I’m visiting Strasbourg, which is on the list.
Also beware in Belgium as Brussels, Gent and Antwerp have low emissions zones.

For other countries, have a look at

There are a lot of bogus web sites taking money for nothing, make sure you are on the official government sites when making payments.

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There’s also one required for germany.

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As far as I am aware only Paris and Lille are enforcing crit’air stickers and then only on certain days when polution is high which is mainly in summer .When they do they restrict vehicles with crit’air greater than 2 .

According to this…

It’s paris, grenoble and strasbourg that are fixed and then there’s a big list of places that may implement zones at the drop of a hat

I’ve just ordered a Crit’Air on the basis that £4.51 posted is cheap insurance. In a few weeks we are off the Austria with every possibility of skirting Strasbourg outbound and Reims on the way back, I also want to visit the Schlumf collection on the way back if we have time, Mulhouse is on the pending list.

Now what’s this about Germany!?

For the cost, you may as well get one :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you going in to Switzerland? If you’re going to travel on motorways there you’ll need a sticker for that too, about €40 for the year, last time i was out that way

Will probably catch a corner of Switzerland on the way back. I need to have a good look at the map but I can probably just avoid the motorway.