Tried & Trusted Repairer for 2016 ND in West Midlands?

Hi there, can anyone recommend an independent garage to look at a knocking/rumble in the rear when going over bumps and potholes? A local garage diagnosed "play in the off side lower bush":deciduous_tree::thinking:- he does not have the tool required to take off the hub.

With my previous two MX5s I used a brilliant local guy but he has retired, I tried one recommendation in Nuneaton but got no response, another does not do this kind of work and the third has some worrying reviews.

I’m in Birmingham but happy to travel 40 miles or so, any info would be much appreciated.

It sounds like the known issue of spherical bearing/bush wear, I don’t know the geography of your area, if you can get to Roddisons in Sheffield he will sort it for you. @rodders

Looked it up, probably double the 40 miles but well worth the trip.

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Roddisons Sheffield would be a good start

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Thanks for responding, I will check it out as the only recommendation so far. Johnsons Mazda in Solihull charge £120 to look at it and give a quote!

Thanks for your recommendation, I will call Roddisons as no other recommendations for the Midlands.