Tunnel Bag - fits NA &ND and probably NB

I no longer have my ND and have a tunnel bag from Soft Bits for Sevens. It was made for the NA specifically but works very well in the ND. Left side has a net and closed pouch for the stuff you can’t fit elsewhere and the right side is a single mesh pocket. It’s very well made and you can fit a lot of bits and pieces into it which is not so easy in a ND. Cost almost £100 so £50 plus postage
Steve, SW Midlands area
Tel 07931 845918 if you want any more info

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Hi millie. Is it no good in NB?

I would have thought it would be. The person who produced it had a NA so it definitely works in those and I know it fits into a ND as that is how I used it. It certainly improves the stowage quantity in that car. Cheers,

How much to post to Chelmsford, please ?

Fyi, Soft bits for sevens website says these bags fit NA, NB, NC and ND :blush:

I would think about £5 for a next day delivery.

Thanks very much for the info. Their stuff is really good and well made.